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Meet Our Team

Our team has a combined experience of over 100+ years.

Whichever stylist you choose to work with, we guarantee they put their all into every style they create, and the outcome will be brilliant. All clients are different, and we welcome that at Steve Ryding Hairdressing. We will work with you to personalise your style, and advise you on trends and looks which will suit you. Whether you want a slight haircut or a full transformation, we know just what to do. 


For 30 years our team has been situated on Lune Street in Preston. Why not pop in and see what we're all about? Give yourself a new look or a touch-up. Contact one of our stylists today! Over the years our loyal customers have come to appreciate the great service, and technical ability, of all our stylists and colour technicians


With a career in hairdressing that started over 40 years ago, I have had opportunities to work all around the world. Throughout my career I have worked in places such as London, Manchester, Liverpool, America, and across Europe, where I have encountered all walks of life, and all the fantastic experiences that go with it.

From my point of view, the most fantastic thing about owning a salon, is that I love my job more than ever before. Every day my passion and love for hairdressing grows, and working with a driven and skilled team who constantly look for new ways to develop their skills and techniques is something I am proud of. I aim to keep clients in the forefront of my mind when it comes to styling and want to help them understand new trends in hair and fashion which will influence their stylistic choices. 


My career in hairdressing started over 20 years ago when I left school and joined the team at Steve Ryding Hairdressing.

The knowledge I have gained over the years by attending numerous courses, and working with some amazing hairdressers has made me the stylist I am today. 


I believe you never stop learning in our industry and so I am always looking to develop and update my skills in the the ever-changing world of fashion.

I also enjoy passing on everything I have learned to the younger members of staff, helping them to understand techniques which are tried and tested. 


With over 12 years of experience,
I have developed my love and passion for hairdressing while working at Steve Ryding Hairdressing. 


Putting my heart and passion into every style, I want to continue to develop my skills and technique.

With qualifications from numerous courses and a qualification as a master barber, I love that I can use different tools to create a unique style and desired look for my clients.


Back in 2015, I joined the team at Steve Ryding Hairdressing. Since then I have grown from being an apprentice to a colourist and stylist! 


To me, family is really important, and after taking 2 years off to start a new family, I am back at the salon working two days a week (namely Friday and Saturday).

With a creative flare and passion for hair, while taking time off I missed my other family at Steve Ryding Hairdressing. I am glad to be back at the salon, and maintaining long lasting relationships with my clients and the team. 

No challenge is too big, and I will give my all in creating a style my clients dream of.


Whether you fancy your hair up, or a new colour, my skills in styling and colouring are as strong as they ever have been. After being at the salon for over 8 years, my skills and techniques have developed within these areas, and I am proud of every look I create. I always try to push myself to the next level, and always look for ways to improve and be the best that I can. 


My hair-up styles are something I really enjoy doing where I feel I can bring out the creative side of my skillset.

Working with people and helping clients feel their absolute best is something I love.

My passion for hairdressing is matched only by my quest to learn as much as I can.


The resilient and consistent side of my hairdressing has helped see me through the COVID-19 pandemic, which delayed my qualification in hairdressing. This didn't stop me though. For 4 years I have worked at Steve Ryding Hairdressing, and I am now up and running, flying along with true colour.

I am all about attention to detail in everything I do, and am constantly looking to learn as much as I can.

I always want to improve my technique and my skill set, so I am take on other courses which I feel are relevant to my skill sent and which will enhance my knowledge.


Working with the team at Steve Ryding, I have come so far already. With their knowledge, my dedication and the amazing clients I work with I feel I could go far in my career. 


Long hair? No problem. 

Fancy a pop of colour? I've got you! 


I have been working with the team at Steve Ryding Hairdressing for over 3 years, and I have come so far already. I have developed a love for working with longer hair, and enjoy challenging myself with colouring of all types. 

My aim is to make every one of my clients feel welcome when they arrive at the salon, and amazing when they leave. I guarantee I will give my clients my all.

I hope to always learn throughout my career, and want to refine and enhance my skills and techniques to create amazing styles and push myself to be the best I can be. 

Steve Ryding Hairdressing staff
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